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It all started with a strong passion for music and radio which inevitably lead to the launch of a FM station in the 1990s.

From there, out of necessity and -again- passion of uncovering talents and upcoming acts, I, your humble servant Patrice Mancino, started organizing concerts and promotional showcases… eventually coming to the conclusion that there was a need for a home and tools to help and spread the good word(s) and the music that goes with it/them.

Conventions would require a trademark, guidelines, some editorialization… there is, there are ! … a subjectiveness for what would be called ‘good’ music, a taste for great artists fully dedicated to producing great music whether it is pop, hip hop, electro, rock, punk, noise, ‘chanson française’, alt-rap, … have a taste, give it a try, make your opinion and help spread the word at your own volition.

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